Dictator Earl of Lemongrab

This post is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

My Sketchbook Pro Brushes

Here's a free pack of my own personal handmade southern home style brushes. If you use Sketchbook Pro give these a try. If you don't know about Sketchbook Pro, check it out. It's fun. Download Here And here's a few ideas for how to use them.

Digital Portfolio

I'm working on making a general skills portfolio. I found a pretty nice option through a site called Pathbrite.com Check it out! https://pathbrite.com/jcalsos/qIWg

A Bunch of Butts

Here's a couple of weeks worth of assignments. I'm including them all in the same post because they're all butts and hips and legs. I figured I'd just get the real awkward ones all out of the way at once.    

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